How to babysit a naughty little sister?

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I have a spoiled rotten sister who is 7. She misbehaves a LOT. And I have to babysit her, she will doing anything if she can't get her way. How can I punish her or make her be good? Things she does:

o Goes near window and shouts and cry so neighbors will hear.

o Throw hard or sharp objects at me

o Beat on dog who may be pregnant

o Slam doors.

o and MUCH more.

I try to send her to her room and she disobeys. If I finally get her in, two seconds later she will keep begging to come out. I could REALLY use some help. :(




  1. Get a horsewhip and don't be afraid to use it.

    Look at it this way, you probably won't be asked to babysit anyone ever again.  

  2. well she keeps doing this because she is being allowed to act this way, and get by with it.  there comes a time when  the "fur has to fly" so to speak (this mean whip her tail)  Your parents should be ashamed of themselves for letting this child behave this way.  

    every one in the family must decide if the tail is going to wag the dog, or the dog wag the tail.....your sis being the tail.

    the longer this continues, the more people will have less to do with you and your parents, because everyone is allowing her to control them.  

    Best of luck

  3. Stop! Breath!  then think like a kid. She is acting out for any kind of attention.   you need to change your attitude. act like her buddy her best friend be kind like you love her so much. dont be negative in anyway dont say I told you, say can you? or will you.and praise her. have her play a game with you it has to be one she is interested in color or paint or what ever she is interested in keep her occupied with you. and if you keep this up. she will behave . tell her how great she is and you care for her I promise you will see a different child.  remember its you and her against the world. if she believes this she will look up to you respect you and stop this crazy behavior.   your older and she looks up to you.  

  4. Omg if she said she wants to kill you in your sleep smack her! That'll shut her the h**l up :)

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