Little four year old boy I babysat...?

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Well I babysat these two new kids my mom knows they are her friends kids. One is two he is so calm and do whatever you tell him, and the other is four! He is so much to handle. He was on the couch I was on the floor he jumped right on my head and it hurt so bad! Then he will scream butt, p***s, butt, p***s, p***s butt and other things like that. Once he was sitting on my lap and started touching my b***s and kept saying boobies, boobies. And he spilt chocolate milk EVERYWHERE! I mean wtf? This kid is four and I have to babysit him tomorrow again... This time I am bringing my friend, but any better ideas so he doesn't repeat this same crazy @$$ behavior?




  1. Discipline him by sitting him in time-out or making him sit in a room by himself. He's obviously seen something sexual on television or knows about the body, for this isn't normal for an average 4 year old. Don't allow him to touch you, just discipline him, but if he's too much to handle, notify the parents about his behavior. Hope this helps.

  2. Try to keep him as busy as possible, preferably outdoors doing active things. Maybe he'll wear himself out and take a 3-hour nap. Good luck.

  3. Let him know that his behavior is unacceptable.  Time out for 4 minutes.  Then get him interested in a book, toy, game, etc...

    Keep him occupied.

  4. i had 2 babysit 3 girls and they were doin the same things all i did was put them in time out or just pretend 2 call there parents that really freaks them out!

  5. If you make a big deal out of it then he will continue.

    The parents might have taught him about body parents and he just repeating.  He might find it funny.   If he touches your "Boob" tell him those are your privates and nobody touches them.  

    But the jumping and etc  needs addressed.  Be firm.  Try to catch it before it happends and put an end to the behavior.

    Good luck

    Does the child do this stuff with the parents around?

  6. wow I thought I had it bad! on boy I baby sit has autism and hes 6 years old all the time he asks me you a boy? you a girl? then he says in Portuguese do you have a pee pee (Im not going to use that word you said! lol) I also baby sit his 1 year old brother who is an angel!! I love them both but the older boy is a handfull

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