Can I be a foster parent if I am a felon?

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I would love to help a child in need of a loving parental figure. Do I have to be married? What is the criteria for being a foster parent?




  1. when i was 29 i lost my job and could'nt find another one for months a use all my savings and my unemployment had ran out, so i made a stupid decission and stole some clothes from a department store thinking i can sell them to help pay my bills and that put a felony on my record for a few years it was hard to find a job. as the years went by and i ask god for his forgivenes and i learn to forgive myself i manage to turn my life around and have not been in trouble sense, 18 years later, i'm married now and my husband and i never had children now we would love to foster a child but being that i have a felony on my record i don't know in the state of illinois if that can happen for us?

  2. Having a felony doesnt mean you cant care for someone less forturnate...People really, just because you can make a baby doesnt make you a great parent thats why their are foster parents out there. Just because you have a felony doesnt make you a bad person. I have one and I work and take good care of my 2 year old daughter. And going to a community college for my AA Degree in child development, I would like to be a social worker, keep your head up you can do alot, you can be a foster parent. So all you haters out their know your homework before you go judging people who trying to change there life. You can be a secruity guard with a felony as well, there is alot you can do. God Bless You:)


  3. God has each of our road maps we never know what we might do in this life. Even the best of us.  I think if a person has lived a productive life for a period of time the same way God can forgive us for our sins man should be able to also or how can we expect to make it into the kingdom of God.

  4. I found this in an online story regarding Florida:  "More surprising still, says Smith, are the people who were not categorically excluded from legally adopting in Florida: ex-felons, people with histories of violent behavior and ex-substance abusers."

  5. People make mistakes and it's because of narrow- minded people as some of you to make the system the way it is. I'm sure everyone can agree that advice from someone who have been there and overcome the situation is the best advice because they know your pain... COME ON PEOPLE... I'm amazed how many negative and critical some of these responses are... Just because someone has a felon doesn't mean they cant give love and direct. It's called a past and everyone has one... Whether or not you have been caught or not.
    And... to the question: a youth program would probably be the next best things, if the foster care doesn't work out. =) Good luck!

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