Little girl I babysit is a p**p eater....?

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I have this little girl I babysit regularly and she is 19 months old almost. She actually reaches into her diaper and eats her p**p. She also plays with it and smears it all over. She doesn't do it all the time and in fact until today she hadn't done it over here in months. I'm not sure about her own house though. I had just checked her diaper 20 minutes before I came back to the playroom and stepped in a chunk of it. I used to make her wear pants instead of shorts because of this behavior but like I said she quit for a long time and it's really hot here in Florida and our main AC is currently broken :- ( Anyways, my question is not how to keep her from doing it because I know how I just didn't think I needed to anymore. My question is WHY?! I could understand the first little while when she was around 12 months old it seemed pretty normal for her to be curious but the continuation of it really bothers me. Is there something psychologically wrong with her? My children never did this so I am perplexed. I mean I know she's not getting enough attention at home but here she was in the middle of playing with my children and shouldn't have been bored. I also had just fed her lunch and she also had sufficient breakfast and snack. It isn't hunger. I have talked to her mother about it repetitively but she doesn't seem to be overly concerned. I know one reason she even started this was my friend would leave her in her crib for too long and she would get bored and fling it everywhere. So, has anyone ever heard of a psychological reason a baby would continue this habit?




  1. Well it is obvious that when she grows up and talks, she is going to be full of s**t! LMAO!!!  

  2. the p**p play is not a reflection of poor parenting, many babies do this at least once. often times they do it in their cribs before anyone even knows they are awake, so its really unfair to state that its a problem related to her parenting.

    there is very little that can be done when a child does this, except to clean up the mess of course. getting upset or reacting will likely cause it to happen more often, so a simple "NO, we do not play with our p**p." should suffice until they get into their toddler years. my son did that a couple times as a baby, they are curious, and don't understand that its gross or unnatural; after all, it is a product of their body and they do love to explore every part of their body. it is not dangerous, especially if it only happens occasionally.  

  3. Wow, that was pretty interesting.  What about the child's father, is he around?  If so, did you explain it to him?  I don't think it's anything psychological going on but I do feel like this child feel that her mother doesn't care to much for her and results to eating p**p.  My son is 14 months and for some reason when he see me upset or sad, his mood change to where one minute he's up and playing then the next he's just sitting there quietly looking at me.  So if you haven't spoke with this child's father, please do so ASAP.  

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