Dutch parents adopt american child, and move back to the Netherlands. ?

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Would it be ethical for Dutch parents to adopt a six year old American girl, who only speaks English? Would it be ethical for them to move with that child to the Netherlands, have her learn Dutch, and raise her like a typical Dutch child, in the Netherlands after the adoption is finalized. The adoption agency and birth parents/child were not aware that this was there intention, but can’t legally object after the adoption is finalized. It was there intention of doing this before the adoption was finalized, and only there US attorney who finalized the adoption was aware of this, and secured the child Dutch citizenship. The adopting parents are good loving parents, already had a good relation ship with the child, before the adoption was finalized.

Is this ethical.




  1. It's no different that American parents having a biological 6 year old child, and then moving to the Netherlands. My son is both Dutch and American, We live in the Netherlands, and we plan on spending more than a year in the US at some point when my son is older... Doesn't it matter more that the child is loved than where they grow up? Especially when the country the new parents are taking their child too has better child welfare? If the language is the issue, Children learn languages increadibally fast. I know a 10 year old who has lived here in the Netherlands for 2 years and speaks Dutch almost fluently, while I've lived here for 3.5 years, taken classes, and I still have trouble getting through a simple conversation.

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