Would you let your daughter sleep over at her boyfriend's house?

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And him sleep over at your house?

I'm just wondering. I'm 18 and I've been with my girlfriend for four years now. I used to sleep round at her house a lot when I was 16 and had a job, I was there most nights. Her parents trusted us and so it was good.

What are your views on this?




  1. When you  live with your parents and they don't want you to be out all night and you have a curfew you should respect their rules.  Maybe one might have s*x anyway but I don't think you should expect your parents to condone it as it might be against their religious beliefs without marriage.  I think they should just make sure you have birth control if needed.  But you should move out and take responsibilty for your own life.  My child is 23 and I think if she wants to spend the night out with a boy she should get her own place out of respect for me.

  2. my sister is 16 and she is sleeping around more often and not with one boy. I'm worried because @ times we don't even know where she is @. We lost both our parent and I'm the legal guardian to her and wish she can allow herself to grow a bit before engaging in sexual relationships. I'm so frustrated because no matter how I try to talk to her and guide her, she seems so irresponsible and doesn't even respect me at all. She even lies to people and tell people that I chase her away from home so she can spend time with her boygriends. I'm worried because she might fall pregnant, contact HIV or STD's or even get killed. What must i do, i'm out of ideas.

  3. if they are both 16 then yes. if people are so worried about them sleeping in the same bed to the age of 18 create a bill and change the law. it is made 16 for a reason people. 18 year olds are also adults......

  4. I think you should be able to, but be responsible it is your future.....

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