Have you ever lost your child at the store or playground?

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I did this morning...and it terrified me. We were at Wal Mart and I was trying to soothe my 2 year old who was crying and I looked around to ask my 8 year old something and he was gone. It took me 15 minutes before I found him. That scared me so bad. And the funny thing is my son hadnt even noticed that I wasnt with him. He had stopped to look at some toys and thought that I was still behind him.




  1. Today at Bass Pro Shop.  Huge Christmas crowd.  7 year old went missing for about 3 minutes (the longest of my life).  The employees quickly found her.  I'm one of those over protective moms and we have talked numerous times about what to do if you get lost.  It can happen SO QUICKLY - especially in a big crowd.  Thank God it all turned out okay.  Just goes to show you can never be too careful.

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