My wife is a lazy mother?

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I love my wife, and I know she loves our kids but she is lazy. Our kids are 6 & 2, and she stays at home with them. The oldest regularly goes to school unwashed without breakfast, and the baby stays unchanged at home for hours at a time. She doesn't play with her, she spends most of the day watching tv.

I've tried dropping gentle hints but she gets angry saying I don't know how hard it is to look after the kids all day. How do I get her to realise that she is neglecting our children with her lazyness?




  1.  The kids are the most important thing to focus on. She sound like she is alcoholic, depressed or has some mental illness. Talk to the doctor about it and see if she needs some sort of medical intervention. My wife works and I look after the kids because she is quite mean to them and negative. She never praises them. No matter what your wife is like always praise the kids and teach independence. Lay out some breakfast for the eldest before you go to work. Put the youngest in day care if you can afford it.  Theres lots of things to do that will ensure the kids are ok.

  2.  Hello, and I am sorry to here of your predicament.By the sounds of thing your spouse is caught up in her own comfort zone. She is used to the way thing are, and is comfortable with it by the sounds of thing. It dose not really matter if she has always been like this all her life, or if it is only in the last few years. I think you first need to trying to support her and your kids in all areas of your lives. You may need to take a few different approaches before you find the solution you are looking for. You said you love the women, and I feel it would be a sin just to walk away and not try to solve the problem at hand. I would hate to think if I had a few flaws that my partner would just walk away. Like one women said earlier, leaving pop tarts out for you six year old. Or maybe get the child up before you go to work and do breakfast for your 6 year old before you go. I know from experience that if the women in the relationship has know outlet apart from the kids week in and week out it can have an affect on them leading to depression, low self esteem and a sadness only they know,and so on. You may need to sit down with someone who you feel you can open up to and explain your circumstances to so you can resolve the issue at hand. I really do hope you resolve this for your kids and your relationships sake.

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