t******e size?can they change shape?

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ive been working out on a treadmill and elyptical machine a lot, and one of my testicles has been sore. i noticed in the shower it looked like it changed size. i freaked out and went to the doctor, and he examined them, at the time they looked normal. he said they are ok. but the other day it happened again, and it looked like a bump was on one of them, but then other times it looks normal. could i have pulled something working out? what can cause this?




  1. um no they shouldnt

  2. Testicles tend to lower when you are warmer, and they tend to recede when you are cold.  That is the way nature keeps the sperm at the right temperature so you can reproduce.  Those little"soldiers" have to be kept at the right temperature and mother nature knows how to do that.  So don't worry about that.  The bump you mentioned just may be some thing that will disappear by itself.

  3. are u sure ur sack isnt just lik tightning up???

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