Am i to young to shave my legs?

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im 13 is it too fast to start to shave my legs?




  1. You're not too young.

  2. I think 13 is a fine age. That's how old I was.

  3. No girl should have hair any where else then their head!

  4. no you're not to young go ahead but make sure you learn how to first otherwise its not a pretty site.( Blood everywhere)

  5. its perfectly fine age to start shaving your legs =]

  6. that's a normal age, i started at 11.

  7. no i started shaving my legs at 12 :)

    go for it but ask your mom to help you

  8. Yea no girl should have hairy legs. LOL. Not to be sexist or anything.  

  9. Ok, i was wondering why it was under mens health but that doesnt matter :P.....i think 13 is perfectly fine, i started at 10 because i had gorilla legs, you dont want that

  10. no not really

  11. i started to shave after fourth grade i think cuz i had really dark hair but i dont think its to young! (:

  12. yes u should shave your legs when i go to f*** a girl i dont want hair all over her legs and p**** thats nasty

  13. dude i was shaving in 6th grade your probably in 8th or going into highschool or maybe an older 7th grader but either way yes you should be

  14. no 13 is a good age.

  15. no 13 is a great age to start shaving your legs! i started when i was 12 i think, and i didn't even have that thick o dark hair, but if it makes you comfortable, and if you want to, go for it! But if you don't want to, don't, because i have friends who were forced into shaving their legs by some other girls because they teased them about having hairy legs... (I'm 14 by the way :) )

    Also, make sure you know how to, and always shave upwards, coz you'll cut yourself, and this sounds silly, but DO NOT shave sideways. baaaaaaaaaaaaddddddd choice!!


    oh and how do your parents feel?

  16. nope i started when i was 11. no one likes hairy legs. lol

    so go for it! =]

  17. If you can do it without help and without hurting yourself, then yes.

  18. no

    lot o gurlz do it

  19. that's not too young

  20. No, that's the perfect time to start shaving. I stared shaving before I turned 11.

  21. Nope I started shaving mine as soon as my hair started growing and getting darker...I wasn't quite 12.

  22. hey,

    nope! I started when i was 11. but make sure about these things

    - good razor

    -shaving cream

    -dont shave too often (it makes hair grow quiker and thicker)

    -dont shave with dry legs

    -dont shave with dull razor

    -if u cut yourself rinse with cold water then but polysporine on then a bandaid.

    -dont shave your thighs unless they are really hairy

    -good luck

    xox Nicole

  23. Nope that's a good age to start. I started when I was 11 and my hair isn't even that thick and dark.

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