Where did names come from?

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Like how did a dog get the name "DOG". Who gave it the name???




  1. Interesting response about God naming everything, because He would have done it in Hebrew and the Hebrew word for that four legged creature isn't 'dog'. Further, if God named everything, it would have the same name in every language, and it doesn't.

    Small groups of people living together gradually transformed grunts and pointing into words. Because each group lived separately, their words were different, made up of different sounds and had different meanings. I believe that's where the various languages in the world came from as well. But that's just my guess. The correct answer is, no one knows.

  2. The Bible says so in Genesis.  God made Adam in charge of the animals and he named them all.  like he named a dog "dog'  and so forth.  Read Genesis and find out more. God bless.  

    No God would not have written it in Hebrew.  I said God not Jesus.  We don't know what language God spoke.  It is a language unknown to us.  But I said that Adam was encharge of naming the creation that God made.  It says so in the Bible.

    Like I said, read it for yourself.

  3. As Cory wrote, Adam was given the power to name all of the beasts and did so.  The power to name is at the very root of dominion and control.

    The only thing that is really our in this world is our name.

  4. welcome to the field of linguistics!

    I always used to wonder where words originated from

    after completing a project regarding this topic I discoverd a lot of things I did not know and I found my dicoveries to be fasinating

    to answer your question, the word dog comes from the Old English word for 'docga', a late, rare word used of a powerful breed of canine

    you can find the origins for any word you want by looking it up in the dictionary

    I know that is yawn but it is quite an eye-opener

    after this project I found out that the languages of Europe and India belong to the same group (Indo-European) and they are very similar

    I won't go on...there is a lot to talk about

    If you really are interested in this topic I suggest you do some research and find out these amazing discoveries for youself

    here is a marvellous to get you started

    this is the site that hooked my on the study of linguistics

    enjoy!! :)

  5. If you want a real answer, unlike the previous one given, then I suggest intensely researching it. I don't think it is easy to find the answer, if it is even available to us. I would assume they just picked a name (on what basis I have no clue) for the sole purpose of letting people know what thing they were referring to. I often wondered this myself.

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