John and Bill were both born on 01 June 1960.They have the same parents but they are not twins. How is this?

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Well done.

Most of you spotted they that I forgot to mention there was a third..or fourth...




  1. In this age of IVF and implantation it would be best to specify biological parents if such should be the case.

  2. How about if their parents are a L*****n couple?

  3. Since 1960 predtes IVF, they must be part of a set of triplets or Quadruplets ......

    or even quins, but they were very rare in those days

  4. They are part of a set of triplets.  :)

  5. they're triplets

  6. They were adopted by the same parents.

  7. They are not twins but born on the same day because they were born at different times of the day duh...

  8. They are triplets!

  9. It is possible that they were born from the same mother and father and not be twins, fraternal or identical. It is possible that the mother became conceived on separate dates - even months apart.

  10. they came in a pack of three, one is not mentioned

  11. They were adopted.

  12. Triplets, other was a girl?

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