Which news station is the least biased?

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Which news station is the least biased?




  1. CNN may be biased, but at least they don't alter photos of their perceived opponents like Fox did.

  2. Fox is the least biased.  They are the only station that covers both parties!!

  3. Either MSNBC or Al Jazerra.

    I've never seen either one be biased.  Take your choice.

  4. Fox News. If you look at their listeners they have about an even split between Democrats and Republicans.

  5. Laf, Fox might be high on the list, but CNN, MSNBC, ABC, etc are all in the pocket of liberalism and socialist....proof ? They are the same 94% that voted for Bill Clinton and owned by the same cartel.

  6. There is no such station.

  7. Everyone knows that FOX is fairly ballasted.

  8. CSPAN, PBS, and BBC.  Others tend to slant right or left, and viewers tend to watch to have their entrenched views confirmed.  

  9. If you really wanted to watch unbiased news then you would pretty much be watching nothing but PBS and C-SPAN. Bias makes a news network interesting and it garners viewers, just like Fox News is most popular among conservatives and CNN most popular among liberals.

    I have seen over the past few months Fox News and CNN both "attempt" to make themselves seem the least biased. When you actually break it down though, Fox News actually has an even split between its liberal, independent, and conservative anchors. But the problem is that the most popular and famous Fox News anchors are Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity, staunch conservatives. The same goes for CNN, where there are many conservatives, but their most famous anchors and reporters are diehard liberals.

    The best thing is to watch a little bit of every station and compare between them. I would actually recommend staying away from MSNBC. Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann have taken things to a new level by basically having an entire network broadcast their own political views.

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