Would You Vote for Burt Reynolds for President!?

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Would You Vote for Burt Reynolds for President!?




  1. I thought he was from Canadia.

  2. Thatsh what yor motha shounded last naight!

  3. is he using a firebird in his marketing?

  4. ANY DAY

  5. he would do better than McCain but not if it was him against ObamaBiden

  6. chuck norris would beat him hands down.  chuck has been secretly listed as the 4th part of the axis of evil because his fists are weapons of mass destruction.

  7. NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

  8. Nope.

  9. He always seemed like a bright, understanding and caring person.  In other words, why in the world would he want to be president?

    Hey Richie!  Last time I heard, Florida wasn't in Canadia.  As a matter of fact, just where is Canadia?

  10. No I would not.

  11. No.  Just because he can act does not mean that he has any political skills.  Contrast with Reagan, who was president of the SAG as well as governor before becoming President.

  12. I dont know enough about him to decide.

  13. No. He has beaten some of his ex's, and that disqualifies him on moral grounds where I come from.

  14. A Younger Burt, yes.

  15. you bet your sweet buns i would.

  16. depends. is he an inexperienced communist like Obama? then definitely not

  17. who?

  18. Ummmmmm no!

  19. No, but I honestly would vote for Stephen Colbert or Chuck Norris.

  20. No offense to Burt but I can't even imagine him as president.

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