Malki Kawa: UFC not being bias by sponsoring Jon Jones – UFC News

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Malki Kawa: UFC not being bias by sponsoring Jon Jones – UFC News
Earlier this week, news of UFC sponsoring Jon Jones for his fight against Rashad Evans had spread like wildfire. While most analysts are of the view that UFC is playing bias, Jon Jones’ manager Malki Kawa believes it is just pure business. According to Kawa,
Rashad Evans could have won the same honour as well if he wanted. Since Jon Jones is probably the most popular MMA and UFC fighter, UFC is trying its level best to capitalise on his brand name by sponsoring him.
Rejecting notions of UFC showing favouritism towards Jones, Kawa said, “I don't think that anybody is favoring anybody. They're not that type of guys, at all. It's not like that. My experience with them has been that they're as fair across the board. From
what I understand, Alistair Overeem is going to be wearing UFC gear, as well. Overeem's manager is Rashad's manager. It's not like Rashad's manager didn't have the opportunity to put Rashad in it. I'm sure if Rashad had wanted to wear UFC gear, they'd have
been happy to put him in it, too. It was just our decision to do what we wanted to do.”
Even though last week Jones said he is looking forward to sign a deal with major companies such as Nike, he later landed on a deal with UFC itself. Clarifying this, Kawa said that Jones expresses his visions of being sponsored by major sport goods manufacturing
companies. He then added that it was surely a plan to take the route but Jones will not drop a deal with any MMA sponsor in order to sign up a deal with Nike, Adidas or Reebok. He then said that the UFC did not convince them to take up the sponsorship but
it was mutual understanding that brought both of them, Jones and UFC, to an agreement.
It is pertinent to mention here that apart from sponsoring Jones, UFC has also released its new line of clothing featuring Jon Jones on it. The line includes walkouts shirts, cornermen shirts, weigh-in shirts and fight shorts.
According to Kawa, it is a deal that mutually benefits both the sides and that at no cost UFC will let the game be affected by favouring Jones over Evans.



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