What is a Liberal Christian Democrat?

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Please put it in terms a 14 year old girl will know :)




  1. A liberal christian democrat is someone who is lying to your face on a consistent basis.

  2. A Christian who believes that Jesus never mentioned abortion or g*y marriage, but spent much of his time living, working, and talking about the poor, the disabled, the diseased. They believe that Jesus' message was one of compassion and caring.....not one of hate and condemnation. They vote based on these beliefs.

  3. A rarity last I checked.

  4. A person who accepts others as they are, has compassion, and

    the right policies to get the USA on the right track !

    OBAMA 08 !  

  5. A normal person.

  6. I prefer to be call a Liberal Christian Independent.

    I believe in mostly demorcatic policies, such as national health care and a fair tax system.

    At the same time I am Pro-Life. The right to choose ends at the choice to have unprotected s*x. That is the last "choice" that is up to both people involved.

  7. One who believes in the basic ideas in the new testament -- you believe in peace, in helping your neighbor, the poor, the sick, in speaking up for the voiceless, for those without power.

  8. Liberal - willing to personally help others

    Christian - believes in Christ

    Democrat - member of the Democratic Party

  9. Oxymoron

  10. a christian with a lower case "c" they make up their own version of god in their own image.

  11. A "LCD" thats all I can think of cheerio F.P

  12. A Liberal Christian Democrat is someone who adheres to Biblical religious principles but also has a clear understanding of what it means care for the poorest among us.  A liberal Christian Democrat typically believes that global warming is a real threat and that caring for the poor and needy is one of the most important Biblical lessons of all.

  13. Less unusual than the Democrats would like the country to believe.

  14. A hypocrite

  15. A liberal is someone that is a member of a party that has liberal leanings.

    A Democrat is someone that belongs to the Democrat party.

    A Christian believes Jesus Christ is their savior, He is God in the flesh.

    Liberals take liberty with translation of the Bible., They think people can be helped even if they aren't willing to help themselves, even though the Bible says Faith without works is dead. They believe it is the responsibility of the government to take from people and give to the poor. Where as conservatives believe in helping people directly because the government shows over and over that it is a bad steward of the money it handles. Liberals think helping "the least of these" is a job for the government when the Bible specifically calls the Church to do that. Of course they also throw out what they don't like such as Sodomy and Union tactics knowing the Bible says for a man to honor his commitment to his employer and the employer his employee, not worrying what others earn. And even though the Bible says He knew us when he formed us in the womb, liberals believe killing those children, God knows, is right.

  16. Someone who has been fooled by the false prophets of democrats. They are hypocrites who support the very things their religion tells them not to. They feel they must have the appearance of social apathy, thus aligning with the democrats. Once they realize their mistake they usually go 180degrees to conservative republicans, all the while never realizing they could have supported the Libertarians and been happy and guilt free.    

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