Do you think Bush will send Gustav to New Orleans as he did with Katrina?

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  1. Considering I got mugged the last time I was in New Orleans, I say got for it Mr. President.

  2. He's already got it on that path. Now, do you think Ray Nagin will abandon his electorate to drown like he did with Katrina? Do you think the governor will cry on international TV like the last time?

  3. I am not too concerned about the New Orleans so called hurricane victims, they elected the same idiot, Mayer Nagon that dropped the ball the last time. Hard to feel sorry for people that cannot learn a hard lesson taught.

  4. No one ever said that Bush sent Katrina to NO.  No one.  What he was faulted for was the federal response.  Harry Truman had a sign on his desk that read "The Buck Stops Here".  With Bush the sign would be "The Buck Starts Here".

  5. seems many people don't understand tongue in cheek.

  6. i hope so get rid of the crackheads and nagin

  7. "You're doing a heck of a job Brownie" when the city was drowning. Bush doesn't have a clue.

  8. Having relatives evacuate pre-Katrina, we remember that Bush and McCain were having too much fun celebrating McCain's birthday on August 29, 2005 to worry about the most tragic hurricane in U.S. history.  We can only hope and pray that Gustav does not cause more devastation to New Orleans or anywhere else on the Gulf Coast, because this administration hasn't cleaned up the

    previous mess there (or anywhere else), and a recent report has shown that the levees have not been rebuilt to withstand another storm.  The citizens of New Orleans are already making plans to evacuate, and Karl Rove is only worried that Gustav may spoil the Republican convention.  Same old sentiments from the GOP.      

  9. Dude. That is just f*cking ridiculous.

  10. Gustav will be the first Hurricane to devastate Minneapolis/St. Paul.

  11. Why?  Katrina was an embarassment to the administration and, by extension, the Republicans.  If Bush could direct hurricanes, I think he would direct it toward Galveston, TX, where Rita hit.  Their response to Rita was much better.

  12. I honest to God hope you are joking.

  13. Your kidding right?  Or are you really that crazy? No one can control the weather and it's time that the people of New Orleans take personal responsibility for themselves.  The type of things that happened in N.O. never happened after a hurricane hit Florida.  Remember Andrew?

  14. Bush doesn't have control over hurricanes. Only over storming into Middle Eastern countries, with or without the approval of Congress, the American public, and the international community.  

  15. it's bush's fault for bad weather .he controls it it's a secret weapon .and if you believe that you're in trouble .

  16. You wasted 5 points on this?


    Most people I know in New Orleans blame Blanco & Nagin just as much, if not more for the aftermath of Katrina. And everyone agrees on 'Brownie'.

    I may not be a republican but THANK GOD for Jindal, he really seems to have his stuff together.

    And Nagin was voted in on absentee ballots of people he bused in from Texas who will probably never live here again.

    And to all those that don't like us, many of us ARE good, hard-working people who pay taxes and help each other out.

  17. the question is will the local ans state governments sacrifice their people once more, and raid the coffers as before  

  18. that has to be the stupidest question i have ever seen. you got too much free time on your hands!

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