Who do we think will be the McCain VP pick? Will it be a good decision?

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Who do we think will be the McCain VP pick? Will it be a good decision?




  1. He will probably pick Larry Craig to make some inroads on the g*y vote which otherwise might swing the other way to Obama.



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    Democrats offer welfare

    Republicans offer warfare

    Democrats offer higher taxes

    Republicans offer deficit spending

    Libertarians offer none of the above



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  2. I can tell you it's not going to be a good decision, but I would fathom that he will pick Romney.

  3. He will pick Romney. Then we will find out if American racism is stronger against the Mormons or the black man.

  4. Hopefully Romney.  Although, could be anyone.  I just hope it isn't Huckabee.  I can't stand that guy.

  5. I'm thinking it will be Tim Pawlenty, an excellent choice with a solid record and not a Washington insider.  

    Check this guy out, he's fiscally conservative and socially moderate.  Perfect and just what we need for a great balance.

  6. The Crypt-Keeper, it will make him look younger.

  7. I think it'll be the ebay woman.  What's her name?

  8. The reporters covering McCain think it will be Pawlenty.

  9. Romney I hope.

  10. Colbert ;) lol

  11. i can only hope and pray it will be Romney. hes smart and knows economics. he would be the perfect match to Mccain and i think if he does not pick Romney it would be a huge mistake on his part. it would cost him the election i think if he doesnt!

  12. Likely McCain's VP choice will either be Romney or Pawlenty to shore up McCain's lack of executive experience and lack of economic understanding.

    Unlikely either will be a good decision, since McCain doesn't generate many of those.  

  13. Cheney


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