What is the least biased of the three major 24 hour news networks?

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I know they are all pretty biased to either the left or the right, but if you had to choose, which one do you think is closest to the center?

CNN, MSNBC, Fox News Channel




  1. Closest to the center is FOX.  The other two are in the tank for Obama.

  2. I tune in to all three, on most topics they are equal. but I find Fox will air a news item that the others ignore.  I find that censoring of news.

  3. CNN, is notoriously liberal, but I think it is closer to the center than MSNBC, whos commenters seem to be in the tank for Obama (Chris Mathews almost cried when he heard another commenter say Obama might loose the primaries earlier this year.) MSNBC is by far the most biased news source.

    Fox News is also extremely biased in thier commentary. They even had the 'half hour news hour' a commedy show that made fun of liberals. No other news organization had that that I know of. Thier election coverage is extremely biased. I remember one time thier lower third read 'Democrats to vote for defeat in Iraq'. Then they have the gall to call themselves 'Fair and Ballanced' - one of the biggest lies in modern journalism. They use Hannity and Colmes as an excuse to be ballanced - even though Colmes (the liberal) barely gets to talk.

    So the answer is CNN if I had to pick one, even though it is by no means 'unbiased'. They do have Headline News, which has Glen Beck so they do have some conservative commentary.

  4. Bad choices... Most Americans overseas watch Al Jazeera because they don't report about what Brit and Jolie are doing every five minutes.  

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