Which Auto Ins is best/less expensive?

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In San Antonio, TX does anyone know if Allstate or State Farm is best/less expensive for a 1997 Toyota Corolla




  1. go to an independent agent, and have them search...mine found  $400 less for me...have them do the leg work...and DON'T go with geico

  2. gives you several options for good prices

  3. reliance

  4. If you are single, I'd recommend Progressive.  We had them for years at a very low rate, but once we added our 16 year old, we had to switch to State Farm who was about $100 a month cheaper.

  5. Go with for better rate and service :) I am one of their policyholder and are very satisfied with their service.

  6. Try have lowered their rate recently.

  7. Try travelers, I have had this insurance for over a year and my insurance payment goes down every 6 months it is great.

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