Red roses: what does a red rose mean??

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Also, what does a yellow, white, black, pink, blue, green, orange, ect rose mean???

or do they not have any meaning??




  1. red-Love white-romance

  2. You want to give your sweetie a bouquet of flowers on Valentine's Day. That's a classy move. Think twice, though, before plucking any random bunch of blooms. If your special someone is among the thousands of searchers hitting the Web for "meaning of flowers," he or she may have a funny reaction to that clutch of striped carnations. (What you just said: "Sorry I can't be with you.")

    To save you the horror of broadcasting the wrong message with yellow chrysanthemums ("slighted love"), yellow hyacinths ("jealousy"), or bright and shiny marigolds ("cruelty, grief, and jealousy," oh my!), we've paired the week's most searched-on flowers with their generally accepted meanings. Select with confidence... Roses - Love

    Orchids - A belle

    Iris - My compliments

    Daisies - Innocence

    Tulips - Declaration of love

    Calla Lily - Beauty

    Amaryllis - Splendid beauty

    Hydrangea - Heartfelt

    Anthurium - Hospitality

    Daffodils - Chivalry

    Chrysanthemums - Fidelity

    Carnations - Pride and beauty

    Lilacs - Youthful innocence

    Birds of Paradise - Joyfulness

    Tiger Lily - Wealth, pride

    Peony - Bashful

    Anemone - Anticipation

    Sunflowers - Pure thoughts

    Aster - Patience

    Gladiolus - Strength of character

    When it comes to sheer flower power, the rose is the "American Idol," the Michael Jordan, and the Beatles of botany, all rolled into one sweet-smelling, thorny cache. No flower comes close to its popularity. It draws its own "meaning" searches ("rose color meaning"), cooks up its own candy queries ("chocolate roses"),and sprinkles the Search box with its velvety parts ("rose petals").

    If you're thinking of a dozen long-stemmed messages de amor for February 14, here are the week's most searched-on types of roses and their secret meanings...

    Red Roses - Love and romance

    Black Roses - Vengeance

    Blue Roses - Mystery and intrigue

    Pink Roses - Gratitude and appreciation

    Purple Roses - Love at first sight

    White Roses - Innocence and purity

    Green Roses - Fertility

    Yellow Roses - Joy and friendship

    Lavender Roses - Enchantment

    Orange Roses - Enthusiasm, passion

  3. Hi California Rain,

    The meaning of a rose's color depends a little bit on what source you use; however, the generally accepted meanings are:

    Yellow = Joy/Friendship

    White = Innocence/Purity

    Black = Death (to recipient)/Farewell (disagreement on this)

    Pink = Admiration

    Blue (how about lavender?) = Enchantment

    Green = (none)

    Orange = Desire/Excitement

    Red = Love/Romance

    Some interesting links below (I like the first one because it is a little more straight forward).

    I hope this is of some help to you.

    Hiking Tony

  4. Red Roses mean deep, passionate, everlasing love.

    Black Roses = Death

    Coral Rose  = desire

    Lavender Roses  = love at first sight and enhancement

    Orange Roses  = enthusiasm, desire and fascination

    Pink (Deep)  = Thank You

    Pink (Light)  = admiration, gentleness, grace, gladness, joy and sweetness

    Pink  = happiness, gracefulness and gentleness

    Red (Dark) Rose reveals unconscious beauty

    Red (Single) means "I Love You"

    Red & White Roses together  = unity

    White Roses  = Purity/heavenly, secrecy, silence, innocence and charm

    White (Bridal) Rose symbolizes a happy love

    Yellow Roses  = joy, gladness, friendship and "I Care"

    Yellow Rose with Red Tip  = friendship falling in Love

    Single Rose in any color expresses simplicity and gratitude

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