What are the ways that you can be "Served" for credit card debt???

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I heard you can be served in a newspaper ad? that is absurd no one would know they are being sued, or the court date, or garnishment info. I know you can be served by certified mail but in a local newspaper???





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    They can only serve you by way of a legal newspaper if they have made all attempts to locate you and you cannot be foud, this is including by phone. if they do serve you by publication you can ask for an order to vacate by being served incorrectly.

    the other three ways you can be served is by mail, in person or at work/relative/friend- this is why they ask for refrences.

  2. Yes, you can be "served" by newspaper.  Public Notice.

  3. YOu are not the only one,I have met this type of  problem before.I have good experience here to solve the problem though.

  4. The proper service of court papers varies from state to state.  There is the usual service of summons by sheriff, court officer, or certified mail.

    The newspaper part is usually the last resort, but is not used for credit card debt, mostly for property taxes and tax liens.

    Many junk debt collection agencies will use a known old address just to get the papers served.  They show up in court with a USPS receipt showing delivery at the old address.  Meanwhile, the debtor is unaware of the summons and the collection agency wins by default.

    But there is a  defense for that situation called "Due Process" where you prove you were not properly served.

    Hope this answers your question

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  5. In person is the only way I have heard of.  Too many legal issues if done in a newspaper...haha.

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