How long can a company wait before charging you for an item?

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I bought a item from a website online. It was very expensive ($600 ).

Its been over two months since I received the item and they have not charged me yet.

How long before I don't have to worry about a $600 charge being charged to my account?

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    if you paid by credit card directly to a website store and they sent you merchandise, it is normaly taken out 3 days tops. If they didnt.

    1.there system has an error and you will not be charged, if they dont catch it and if they do who knows. You can call but you will be charged the same day.  

  2. Hm.  That's definitely very strange!

    You can do one of two things.  You can call them and ask why you have not been charged.  From there, they'll likely charge you the same day and you can walk away knowing you did the "right" thing.  

    You can also just forget about it and let the error remain.  If it's a big company, they likely will never notice they did not charge you.  If you bought from a smaller company, they might realize this when they go through some papers.  With the big company, you're likely to not end up billed for it-- but a small company will probably eventually send you a bill and "apologize" for the mistake.

    I know this sounds silly, but are you sure that the credit card you're monitoring for the charge is the one you used?  Did you have any other credit cards at the time that you may have used?  Are you positive that they were going to just take the payment out instead of sending you a bill?  It's important to fully investigate on your end if you haven't already, since there's a slight chance you have an overdue bill laying around.

    You might want to take this chance to look over your credit reports if you haven't already this year.  If the company had ended up sending you a bill instead of charging your card, and you haven't paid that bill, you might see a defaulted bill on your credit report.,,

    Best wishes!

  3. They typically can still make good on the charge for 90 days.

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