What are the web sites for teens debit cards?

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hi i'm tom and i am 13 years old and would like to know what the different web sites are for different debit cards i have tried searching the web but wasn't very good at it so can someone plz tell me what they are. thank you.




  1. I dont think debit cards are issued for youngsters like you! I know tha tsome banks offer young peoples cards but you would have to speak to bank themselves as they are all different"  

  2. There are ways to get PREPAID debit cards. Search for "Prepaid Visa" or "Prepaid Mastercard". I know someone who used a Visa Buxx card for her daughter and it has worked out great. Or, get a Green Dot card from Walmart. Your parents will have to be involved in the process with you for all of these cards.

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