Does EVERY credit check affect your credit score?

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i'm going to sign a new lease for September. my landlord wants to do a credit check, but i just got one for my current apartment less than 6 months ago (long story).

anyway, someone told me that credit checks for residential applications don't affect my credit score, but someone else told me that ALL credit checks affect my score. Anyone know who is right?




  1. I believe all inquiries affect your score - unless of course you are inquiring about your own credit report. They don't penalize you for that - thank goodness!

  2. all credit inquires affect ur score but not by that much..ive been toldif you have a few checks for the same reason, around the same in ur case..creditors are more understanding...b/c it was for the same reason..sporadic inquires do the most harm

  3. What really hurts is a pattern of a lot of credit applications in a short period of time, which indicates that something is wrong and you're piling on credit for some reason.

    What you're describing is nothing to concern yourself about.

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