Is it by law to sign the receipt paper after you used your credit card?

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My 'friend' said that it's only applicable to purchases over $500. He says that you don't need to sign it the receipt paper after using your credit card if it's under $500. He mentioned that the laws changed in Ontario.

I think he's lying because when we went to a restaurant, he used his Mastercard and f-king signed the paper when it came, even though he was clearly saying that you don't have to. So I asked him, "Why did you do so?", and he replies, "because it's a force of habit." I soon told him before signing, "then don't, prove that this law is in act of now, so don't sign it." He signed it, and walked out. I chased him and asked him, "why didn't you signed it??", he made a stupid excuse that "it was a force of habit" ... GOSH, I told him to NOT sign it because it was unnecessary if what he says is TRUE or not.

Do you think he's lying or telling the truth?




  1. I use my credit card a lot on a swipe and go basis.

  2. Credit card purchases ALWAYS require a signature, regardless of the amount (except if you use it at a gas pump or places where you can't really sign).  

    Debit/Check cards, however, are a little trickier.  Typically, you don't need to sign at places where you make small purchases under $20 (i.e. drug stores).  Though if you do go over $20 (or use it anywhere else for that matter), they may make you sign.

  3. It depends on the card.  I have a PC Mastercard and I can use it without signing at grocery stores for amounts under $100... If the store has "Pay Pass", where you just tap the card to the reader.  

    It will say in the contract they sent you if you can make purchases without signing, and what the limit is.  It's dependent on the insurance they have available on the card in case of fraud.  They want to make your life easier by not having to sign, but for larger purchases, they have to protect you, and themselves.

    One way to know if you have to sign is by looking at the receipt.  If the register prints the receipt with a signature line, then you have to sign it.

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