Credit Company Problems.

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Just like to know what rights do my husband and I have, We have 1 credit card which is almost paid off, this credit company keeps calling every month asking for there payment is. We have never been late yet, we just sent $200.00 last month and I just sent $50.00 we pay more than what the bill is they ask for $40.00. the credit of what we owe is $700.00 from $2200.00. what can I do to keep these guys from calling. its harraing and we are not late, in fact my husband cought them in a lie. and later they appolgy. but they still keep calling.




  1. As long as they aint tacking on fees that they aint suppose to I would just ignor the calls.  if they calling your cell phone I would tell them its your cell because the last I checked they are not aloud to do that.  If they calling a home phone line then call your provider and tell them you want all telemarketers blocked.    I have that problem with the bank I have my car loan with. my note is 275 but since I got the car 2 years ago I have paid 300 every month and my pay check falls after the due date of the 15th but before my payment is considered late and they call me once every day from the 15th til the day that I pay it even though its not considered late.  Its annoying but I just ignor it.

  2. That's what they do. That's their job - they are ruthless. They will stop calling when your balance is paid. Sorry.

  3. You have the right to your privacy whether or not  you are late on your payments.  You can write the company a "Notice of Cease and Desist".  This notice states that they cannot contact you via telephone.  Make sure to send it Certified Return Recipet Requested.  That way there is proof that they recieved the notice.  Fair Credit laws allow the consumer personal protections and this is one of them.  It is NOT normal for creditors to call you when you are not late on a payment.  The sample letter below is to a collection agency.  You can tailor it to your own needs, or simply do a Google search for "Cease and Desist letters".

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