Were u ever force going to the army? because this guy call me today telling me information about the army? ?

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i told him, i don't want to go, but he was telling me why and etc, it was like a force, but for some reason he keep on asking me question like my age, size, if i ever do drug, etc. why does he need all these info when i told him, i don't want to join the army, and he say he want to talk about the

college that fit for me and he is coming to my apartment on wednesday to talk more, why is that? will he listen to me, do people like that force young kids to go to the army?




  1. They can be very aggressive I know. I made the mistake of signing something without paying close attention, they had me shipped out the next week. They went so far as to tell me I was obligated and i could be jailed if i didn't get on the bus, turned out they were lying. They get performance bonuses for recruiting, if you think he's going to show up, make sure someone else is with you while he's around. Don't be afraid to be blunt, one mention of a letter to your congressman will shut him up quickly : )

  2. You cannot be forced to enlist in the army (I'm just assuming you're either US or UK, where there is no draft).  Some countries do have a draft, but you receive an official letter for that, not a sales call...

    You just hang up on aggressive people like that; The fact that someone calls you on the phone, or shows up at your door, doesn't mean you have to speak to them. If you're not interested, you're not interested. Simple as that...

  3. My 18 year old nephew is going through the same thing.  That army recruiter has been driving him nutty.  Even my sister (his mom) can't get them to stop.  They can't force you to do anything but boy can they be pushy.  Just don't answer the door when they come over and quit taking their calls.  They are not police officers or anything so if you want to ignore them, be mean to them...then just do it so they will leave you alone.  You won't get into any trouble.

  4. LOL  Just a saleman.

    No one can be forced into the service.

    You could have just hung up.  Geeeez

  5. Do not sign anything, if you have not signed anything you cannot be forced to join the army, there is NO draft now, and they are trying to coax you to join. If you do not want to join , do not join. Did you look into it yourself at first? Either way, if  you did not sign anything, you are not obligated, there is no draft. The army is hurting for people at this time, I am sure they are recruiting very hard, but you do not have any obigations to listen or be home if you do not want to.

  6. There is no draft,if you don't want to talk don't talk,tell them no ,go away or I'll call ths cops.

  7. ADVICE don't join,don't sign da contract,it is a contract.they have benefits but just like a check those bounce it happened alot of people i know STAY AWAY from da ain't worth those benefits dat u can't even cash on.

  8. He's going to want to keep pushing, but wont waste time pushing if you are unsuitable. So he still hopes to change your mind. You can't be forced into the army at all, but like a door-to-door salesman, he will try very hard to change your mind. Be firm and if you want, tell him you're not interested and want him to leave now.

  9. Either call back and cancel him coming over or don't be home.

    Recruiters are notorious for being insistently persistent.  Be direct, and blunt.

    He will not force you to join but the same tactics will be used against you to buy a car, furniture or play games at a carnival.  Anything where a person's salary is based on the amount they bring in.  Recruiters are not paid more, but they are judged by the amount of new blood they bring in.

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