How do i boost my sisters confidence?

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My sister is 16. She's a beautiful girl and im not just saying it cause Im her sister. She can be quiet at times and lets other girls make her feel inferior. As a result she worries she'll never have a boyfriend and i find her always asking me if she is pretty or if anyone will like her. How do i help make her realize that she is an amazing individual? Personal stories would help. Thankssssssss




  1. You should just try talking to her and let her really open up to you. You never know whats gonna come out of her mouth. And if she isn't ready to talk, she will be. Let her come to you if it doesn;t work out the first time.

  2. Here is a quote from Eleanor Roosevelt, "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent."  She was a strong woman, not even considered pretty, and she was a tremendous extension of her husband as president, going to places and seeing people and making things happen for the good people that otherwise would have been forgotten.  She is a great inspiration to all females, and I would suggest that you and your sister research Eleanor and find out more about her, I am sure that will help your sister build her confidence.

  3. I guess I was a lot like your sister growing up. Didn't matter what people said I thought I was ugly and would never have a boyfriend. I have three sisters, they would say things to make me feel good about myself, always on that subject, it never really worked.

    What did work was just out of the blue compliments. How I did some art work that was great. That outfit looks great on you. Sometimes letting them help you gives a person confidence. Ask her to give you some advice. Just don't over do it so it looks obvious.

    Your a great sister, shes very lucky to have you.

    Take care

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