Why are women such poor judges of character?

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Why are women such poor judges of character?




  1. I beg to differ I am an excellent judge of character, very instinctual on this subject, whether I choose to acknowledge this is the key point.

  2. I think anyone can be a poor judge of character, not just a women.  I think it depends on the situation and what the person has said or done to deceive you into forming a better opinion of them.  Women just go off their feelings more and that may make them more venerable to thinking better or worse of someone.

  3. Its not true-women are not poor.

  4. You are suffering form narrow mindedness. Men and women can be both good and bad judge of character.

  5. Tosser.

  6. Both men and women can be poor judges of character, it is not just one gender or another. We have all made mistakes by our judgement in someone at some point in life...

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