Is there a way to make yourself into a more "Get up and go" type of person?

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I was meaning in every way shape and form. Both mentally and physically.

To have the frame of mind to want to tackle the problems before you in stride, and the energy that is required to accomplish said tasks.




  1. "Get up and go" for a walk or a jog a few times a week, socialize and exercise..working out seems brutal at first, but after a couple of weeks of playing a sport (football, hockey, soccer, etc, etc., Start doing step aerobics, crunches, pilates, karate, and lifting weights, you'll be so invigorated and full of constant energy, you will be itching to get up and go!!!

  2. Have children, because when they wake up and are all excited and ready to have to be as well.

  3. As in having more energy, or as in being more productive?

    To have more energy, you can try eating well, getting enough sleep, exercise, get out and have fun.

    To be more productive, try using a planner, scheduling your tasks, making plans.

  4. Try reading the "Monk Who Sold His Ferrari" for a start.

  5. Yeah caffeine and a multivitamin. You need the multivitamin to put the vitamins back that caffeine takes out. That's why people crash once they drink caffeine because it has taken all the vitamins out if their cells.

  6. You have to want to be that way.  Every time you tell yourself to gt up and go, do it, and don't make excuses like "I'm tired" or "tomorrow" and all of that nonsense.  Make a list for yourself, what to do, on what days, by what time, and mark them off as you get them done.  

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