Life in a foreign country (dilemma)?

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If anyone can relate, could you please share your thoughts. thanx. i'd like to leave and start a life in a foreign country, but i'd like to settle down and stay there forever. my question is (since the embassy won't tell you these things), what is the likelihood of attaining a citizenship if you never marry? is there a way to find this out? it just says you need to live there for a certain amount of years, but it does not say whether you will actually be able to obtain it. i'm asking because if i do go there, i should start learning the language now, but i don't want it to be a waste of time. how can i know i will be able to obtain the citizenship one day? if you don't have that, you have no guarantees whatsoever. should i not go even though it's like my ultimate dream/goal? like i mentioned, i don't want the life when i have to go back some day. thanx a lot for any advice




  1. Different countries have different rules...Go to the embassy for the country/nation and ask, or you could call.  I was considering moving to Australia years ago and citizenship was a money and skill issue. In other words if had a skill they needed or enough money to start business (200K at the time) they would grant me a favored status on my way to citizenship. I'm sure that has changed by now but you get the idea.

  2. Its hard to answer your really good questions without knowing what country you are looking at.  So what country?  

    I lived in Germany for three years and despite the fact I was still learning the language I loved it.  I think even if you don't spend forever in another country you will still learn so much.  I plan on moving to another country again before I die; hopefully.  Leaving in other countries opens your eyes to the world so do it.  Start scanning the internet for facts on moving to that specific country.

  3. yes, there is a way. but it will take a lot of time.

    you should call the embassy or visit it and find out more details.

    but it is possible.

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