Is it possible for a jelous/insecure person to Change?

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The thing is im Insecure when im in a relationship and it normaly brings any relationship that im in to Close for obvious reasons

I wasent always this way i was burned once very badly and for want of a better way of explaining it when it happened something snapped and ive not been the same since (5 years ago)

Dont get me wrong im not the nasty kind of jelous/insecure that your probably thinking im not violent in anyway and i dont make any attempts to control my partner atall infact i rarely even say anything

the thing that makes it a problem is i dwell on whatever is bothering me and becouse normaly im such an outgoing person its obvious that im upset about somthing and when i wont say what it is that just makes more problems lol

not to mention making myself misrable

the worst bit about it is when i get those sorts of feelings I.E thinking my partner is with someone els, whilst i rarely say anything to my partner about it it makes me feel misrable

Even tho i know that these things i create and dwell on in my imagination only exist in my imagination... i kno that im worrying over somthing that just isent there but i still cant stop its difficult to explain...

The top and bottom of it is i dont like what ive become and i want to change but i dont kno how or if its even possible




  1. No.

  2. Yes, ofcourse we can all change our attitudes and outlooks on life if we choose to. It is all to do with focus. Focus on strengths rather than weaknesses. Focus on positivity rather than negativity. Google a short piece called Desiderata. I feel sure that you will find lots of answers in it & food for thought as to how you would prefer yourself to be.

    Focus. Very best wishes. UK

  3. Yes, you can change. You may need to think back to your childhood and ask yourself when you felt betrayed, powerless, and traumatized. I think it happened long before the relationship of 5 years ago. If you can realize that you're a grownup now, that whatever happens, you will handle it and come out okay, and you aren't a small child who is helpless anymore, it may help. And don't allow yourself to ruminate endlessly. Stop yourself after five minutes and do something distracting.

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