Is my ex-bestfriend too dramatic?

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think some people take there life for granted. for example my ex-bestfriend(we are both 16 & met when we where 15) thought she went through a lot in life. which i disagree and i think shes simply just pathetic. here is a list of things i remember her talking about

1.when she was younger her friends mother critsized her because she was jewish & to this day she can't get over herself about it, i swear.

i asked her why she thought it was a big deal and she was extremely offended that i even asked her, its like she expected to sit there,listen be quiet, and sympathize.

2.she felt un-loved by her family. her mom told her she was worthless and stuff like that when they got into an argument and this hurt her a GREAT deal. so she cut herself to see if they would care when she showed them SHE said they didn't care much.(my opinion: attention w***e)

3.she smokes a pack a day and drinks 3x a week(hardcore drinking). my opinion: i think shes just trying to get away from her problems by drinking a lot, idk maybe shes addicted

4. some of the biggest trauma shes had was when her brother got married and she felt abandoned because she loved her brother a lot(omfg move on, even her own brother word for word told her "deal with it")

+both her parents work, moms a doctor and dad owns a car service company so shes really spoiled.

well yes these are her life traumas, idk why but i think she is pathetic, i i've had the same problems as her but i look at it as not such a huge deal.

personally some of the big things that happened to me where mom was drunk & she tryed stabbing herself in front of me with a kitchen knife and i grabbed it by the sharp part out her hand. this hasn't traumatized me.

2.i've had a eating disorder for a short amount of time but thanks to my bestfriend she quickly got me out of it.i believe the reason for my eating disorder was because i hated myself a lot for a few years. but i truly learned to love myself now. father is abusive and i hate him. he hits me and my mom when shes drunk.

4.both of my parents are unemployed and im broke but atleast out of this i can see other things that are important in life.

4.the only guy i ever had a lot of feelings for really did'nt care about me. but i feel stupid putting that up and i don't think it should be up there but whatever.

obviously had other problems but w/e

so whats you opinion of my ex-bestfriend? am i being selfish?

we stopped being friends because one day after many arguments we got into a big one and i told her i wasnt gonna take her **** anymore and i just didnt want to be friends with her. she told me i was selfish and i always put myself first. she was very clingy and needed help with everything. she was lazy and jelous.

i just want to know what you think..

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if you think im self-absorbed than you don't know me well. besides its just the internet and its not great to judge someone else on it so quickly. i just want to know if you think her problem are life experiences are more major than mine because she tryed making me feel that way. theres no way i want to be friends with her so dont even think of it that way. we have 0 communication for the past 7 months.





  1. It is not about how much a person has been thru - its that everyone has different coping skills.  Had she grown up with your experiences - she would not have handled them as well as you have - and if you'd grown up with hers - you would not turn out like her.  She is insecure - you are confident.  She has an addictive personality - you are able to cope without substances.  I think alot of it has to do with the genetic makeup of a persons brain.  You do not need to continue a friendship that you find annoying - but somehow I think its bothering you that the two of you are no longer friends - ???  

  2. I didn't read the whole thing, but you are she are in a competition for who has had the worst life. It is a waste of time and your decision to distance yourself is a good one.

  3. I do think you are being selfish. Yes you've been through a lot. Probably more than she has even. However, everyones experiences effect them differently. Comparing your problems to someone elses is irrelevant. Just because you think your problems are worse, do not make hers any less real. You should get a reality check. Not everything is about you. Clearly she feels like nobody gives a **** about her. Instead of turning your back on her, maybe you could have tried to show her that you did care. Oh right, but your problems were more important...  

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