Washington Nationals beat New York Mets 2-0 as Ryan Zimmerman smashes home-run – MLB Update

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Washington Nationals beat New York Mets 2-0 as Ryan Zimmerman smashes home-run – MLB Update
Third baseman Ryan Zimmerman and shortstop Ian Desmond give Washington Nationals an edge as they help the club beat the New York Mets 2-0 at Citi Field, New York on September 12, 2012 in the last match of the three game series.
While reasonable number of hits was connected in the match, runs were few and far between on Wednesday. Mets ended up the game scoreless but they struck one more hit than the Nationals despite the fact the latter were two runs ahead of them.
Washington banked on the home-runs smacked by their batters to claim the victory.
The best part of the game for the Nationals were little more than five scoreless innings thrown by their starting pitcher John Lannan.
Lannan has come in the place of Stephen Strasburg who has been shut-down for the rest of the season. In this connection, it is a healthy sign for the Nationals as they still have pitchers on rotation that can sustain their success.
Washington’s manager Davey Johnson will want Lannan to fix all his issues before the beginning of the post-season because the games that are to be played then will be the real test of him.
Lannan yielded five hits on Wednesday while he struck-out two.
On the other hand, New York’s starter Matt Harvey was a little unfortunate in facing the loss. He struck-out 10 batters in the match but the sole run that he gave up became the cause of his inability to win.
Mets’ manager Terry Collins is extremely disappointed at the moment. His worry mainly stems from the fact that they fell so miserably after playing amazing baseball at the beginning of the season.
"It's frustrating for all 35 guys in that clubhouse, besides the players, and the coaches and the front office," Terry Collins said. "We set the bar pretty high in April and May. Our club wasn't picked to be very good and we set the bar up there."
In the last couple of games, the home-runs have been the main contributor to the runs the Nationals have posted on their scoreboard.
They will be looking to make sure their offence keeps supporting their pitchers in a similar fashion in the matches to come.



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