Washington Nationals beat New York Mets 12-0 in Spring Training - MLB Update

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Washington Nationals beat New York Mets 12-0 in Spring Training - MLB Update
Matt Harvey gave up five earned runs in one inning as the New York Mets suffered their 14th loss in Spring Training as the Washington Nationals humiliated them 12-0 in their Grapefruit League encounter at Space Coast Stadium in Melbourne, Florida
on March 25, 2012.
It was a tough day for Mets who found none of their batters completing a run.  
Bashing coming off in first inning from Ian Desmond, Roger Bernadina and Jayson Werth had shortened the room for Mets to bounce back in the game.  
In first inning, Nationals surged to five run lead and just before Mets can muster energy for reply, they strengthened it further with three and two runs in second and third inning respectively.
Worrisome fact for Mets was that despite the hits seen, their runners hardly capitalised on them.
In total 34 at-bats, Mets produced eight hits while Nationals struck 17 hits in 42 at-bats.
Mets’ left-fielder Jason Bay made one hit in one at-bat. However their second baseman, Daniel Murphy wasted all four at-bats he came across.
Nationals saw a rain of hits from the outset, with Desmond their shortstop, hitting twice in six at-bats and not just completing his own one run, adding one RBI as well. Their second baseman, Danny Espinosa hit thrice on six at-bats while adding three runs
to the score.
Mets were largely undone by the performance of their pitchers. Harvey pitched for one hapless inning and gave up seven hits including three home-runs. Although he was immediately replaced with Justin Hampson just after one inning, he said he experienced
lot of new things in the game.
"I learned a lot more when I got back in the dugout and asked some of the guys what did they see from the side," Harvey said. "(Catcher) Rob Johnson helped me out quite a bit. He said, `It looked like you were getting up there and throwing and not really
thinking about what you were doing.' That's something I kind of picked up, as well, toward the end of my outing. It's something to learn from."
Nationals’ starter, Stephen Strasburg, got his rhythm back in the game as he threw five scoreless innings and brought five strike-outs.
As Mets’ spring losing streak goes unbroken, Mets will be in search of a victory in their next games so that at-least viciousness defeats create on the team can be done away with.    



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