Matt Barnes on the verge of joining the Los Angeles Clippers – NBA Update

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The noisy neighbours are getting more louder as they look to lure in ex-Laker Matt Barnes and answer his plea to remain in Hollywood......

Matt Barnes recently showed a desire to head back to the Los Angeles Lakers but that does not look very likely. However, according to latest speculation, Barnes is possibly linked with a move to the Clippers – the other team which
calls Staples Center its home.
After spending the past two seasons playing for the Lakers, Barnes had become one of the key role players on the roster. He was infact the most effective bench player for the Lakers last season, after which he became a unrestricted
free agent.
Barnes has been in discussion with the Lakers management but no possible new deal seems to be emerging anytime soon. He was involved in an arrest during the off-season for an overdue traffic warrant and that coupled with a history
of incidents, both on the court and off it, might have forced the Lakers to be hesistant in re-signing him. There is also an issue of an already over stretched salary cap for the franchise.
So with the Lakers not wanting him back, what are the most suitable other options available to Barnes?
Sam Amick of Sports Illustrated reports that the Clippers have been keeping a keen eye on the situation and are looking to lure in Barnes.
“Sources say the 32-year-old is strongly leaning toward joining the other inhabitants of Staples Center, and a deal could be formalized later this week. Barnes turned down a more lucrative deal with Cleveland two summers ago to
sign with the Lakers at the behest of Kobe Bryant, and it appears a similar superstar dynamic could be in play with the Clippers and Chris Paul.”
However, there is no guarantee that Barnes is definitely staying in LA, as he is also reportedly in discussions with Brooklyn Nets and the Miami Heat.
Another thing that Barnes will like to consider is the amount of playing time he is going to be receiving. With players like Jamal Crawford, Lamar Odom and Grant Hill already on the roster, the minutes are really going to be hard
to come by. But based on his work ethic and energy factor, he is bound to receive his due despite an already stacked up roster.
The addition of Barnes will make the Clippers even deeper and give them the luxury of a player, who can not only create an istant impact off the bench, but can also infuse energy to the defense. The Clippers are building their
franchise around Paul, who becomes a free agent next summer. Although all indications are that he will re-sign, but for that Clips will have to be competitive enough to challenge for a title. The addition of quality players throughout the off season was a
step in that direction and Barnes' arrival can cap off a really successful summer.



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