Ashley Delaney dominates Men’s 100m backstroke semi-final – EnergyAustralia SC Championships

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Ashley Delaney dominates Men’s 100m backstroke semi-final – EnergyAustralia SC Championships
Ashley Delaney of Nunawading dominated the semi-finals of Men’s 100m backstroke on first day of the 2012 EnergyAustralia Short Course Championships at Challenge Stadium in Perth on Wednesday, September 12.
The 26-year-old Delaney demonstrated his astonishing efforts in the four-lap backstroke discipline and proved his eligibility for the fastest qualification spot of the race.
With his persistent efforts, Delaney remained marginally ahead of his toughest challenger and reached the wall for first position. He faced tough contest from Bobby Hurley throughout the race but managed to outperform him over the finishing end for first
position with an effort of 51.61 seconds.
Delaney was traced by Hurley, who stayed only 0.11 seconds slower from him and tapped the wall for second best qualifying position by posting a time of 51.72 seconds.
Hurley was trailed by Benjamin Treffers of Burley Griffin, who remained almost 0.70 seconds slower from his preceding swimmer and tapped the wall with an effort of 52.41 seconds.
Treffers was followed by Joshua Beaver of Tigersharks, VIC, who remained 0.13 seconds behind and earned fourth best qualifying position of the event by touching the wall with an effort of 52.54 seconds.
Fifth best qualifying position of the race was obtained by Ben Edmonds of Unattached, SA, who remained 0.09 seconds apart and transpired on the finishing end with the timing of 52.63 seconds.
Edmonds was followed by Daniel Blackborrow of Melbourne VIC, who was just an inch slower from his former finisher and surfaced on the finishing blockade as sixth best finisher by submitting a time of 52.66 seconds.
Subsequently, Blackborrow was traced by Bob Jovanovich of Arena, WA, who was just 0.14 seconds behind and hit the wall with an effort of 52.80 seconds.
Eighth best qualification spot of the discipline was secured by Matson Lawson of Tigersharks, VIC, who managed to edge out his following swimmer and surfaced on the wall with an effort of 53.89 seconds.
In addition, Delaney was delighted after securing top position of the race and articulated that he would struggle hard to continue the same and grab gold medal of the backstroke event.



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