Ian Desmond’s dominant play helps Washington Nationals beat New York Mets 4-3 – MLB Update

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Ian Desmond’s dominant play helps Washington Nationals beat New York Mets 4-3 – MLB Update
Washington Nationals short-stop Ian Desmond struck a solo homer of the game which resulted in the Nationals 4-3 victory against the New York Mets at Nationals Park in Washington on April 28.
After winning the game, Desmond said, “Watching the games the last two days, it seemed like the team needed a little spark. I came in here today hoping to be able to do that, and I did.”
It was the end of the Mets’ winning streak as Desmond drove two runs on two hits including a single RBI in the fifth inning. Desmond missed the last two games due to the birth of his son but bounced back strongly and gave his team a convincing victory. The
Nationals lost their initial two out of three-game series and had the worst record of losing six of seven games in the current Major League Baseball season.
The Nationals Manager Jim Riggleman was pleased with the Desmond’s performance. He said, “I just thought he was very loose tonight. Fatherhood exceeds anything that we do out here anyway. I know it's a special time in his life and I'm very happy for him.”
Both the teams posted their runs in the middle innings. The Mets opened their scoring account in the fourth inning when Jose Reyes made an RBI single. Desmond posted a single run with the combination of Jerry Hairston and tied the game 1-1 but at the same
time, Hairston moved to third base on the single of Ivan Rodriguez. The Nationals led off with 3-1 when Hairston made a diving run at the plate.
Ike Davis made a single for the Mets and went 2-for-4 to reduce the lead 3-2. Josh Thole had a single towards the loaded bases on the error of Rodriguez, who dropped the sacrifice hit of Chris Capuano. The Nationals centre-fielder Rick Ankiel stopped the
Mets’ trail when he took an outstanding catch on the sacrifice bunt of Reyes. Daniel Murphy was also struck-out in the sixth inning when the Nationals were leading 4-3.
The Mets’ Manager Terry Collins was not disappointed with the loss. Speaking to reporters, he said, “If I was a young pitcher, and I wanted to learn how to pitch, that's the guy I'd watch. It's all about keeping everybody off-guard. He does a great job doing
The Nationals’ starter Livan Hernandez pitched superbly as he gave away three runs on seven hits including two earned runs and five strike-outs in eight innings pitched. Drew Storen threw the ninth inning for his fourth save and struck-out one batter.
On the other side, Capuano was little bit shaky as he pitched five innings and permitted four runs on 10 hits including two strike-outs without giving a walk.



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