Wordsaplenty looking to cause an upset in Morgan Cole LLP Supports Ty Hafan Nursery

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Wordsaplenty looking to cause an upset in Morgan Cole LLP Supports Ty Hafan Nursery
Wordsaplenty could prove to be the dark horse in the Morgan Cole LLP Supports Ty Hafan Nursery at Chepstow in England on Thursday, September 13, 2012. She has given some decent performances in the recent past and has the ability to finish ahead of her rivals
at the end of the day.
None of the runners can be rated as the outright favourite to succeed in the race, as things are quite closes. This will definitely spice the competition up in the 1 mile 14 yard contest, which will test the stamina and strength of the participants.
The going has been described as good by the organisers, which means that there will be no big surprises in the £1,617 race. A few of the contestants have done well in recent times, which will give them the confidence of fighting for a top three finish.
The bookies believe that the real competition will be amongst Getaway Car, Gabrial The Boss and Dance Off. The former of the three is carrying the winning momentum right now, thus he might manage to get the attention of the punters more than his main rivals.
However, Wordsaplenty will not make life easy for the top contenders and she will be looking to make most of her stamina at the end of the day. She has been delivering good results with consistency and the punters should shift their attention towards her.
The two-year-old filly made her debut during this year and she has participated in quite a few races during this time period. This has given her some useful experience and she is now in a better position to handle pressure. She has been priced 12 to 1 and
will surprise a few of her opponents in the race.
In her first race, the J. S. Moore’s trainee showed a lot of character and finished third in the end. This would have given her immense confidence, as she continued to deliver decent results with consistency.
However, the Irish filly had to wait for eight races before finally winning her maiden event. She followed that up with an average result, but displayed solid skills once again in her most recent outing, finishing as a runner up.
Fergus Sweeney will be the jockey partnering Wordsaplenty for the first time in her career.
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