New York Mets face tough task of beating Washington Nationals - MLB Update

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New York Mets face tough task of beating Washington Nationals - MLB Update
In order to arrest the decline that they are heading to, the New York Mets confront a monumental task of beating the Washington Nationals. After being swept by the Atlanta Braves immediately after the All-Star break, they are in danger of lagging far behind
their competitors in the Division for winning a potential post-season spot.
By the time the Mets entered into the break, they were standing at third position on table, preceded by the Atlanta Braves and the Washington Nationals respectively. Therefore, the management was planning how to snatch the second spot from Atlanta soon after
the break.   
Interestingly enough, they had their first series against Atlanta following the break. By beating the Braves in four games, they had the opportunity to improve drastically on table.
No wonder, a primary task that the manager Terry Collins was assigned by the club for second half of the season was clinching series victory against Atlanta.
Unfortunately, far from challenging them, they were dealt an out-and-out humiliation with a crushing sweep.
This now has brought New York to the brink of disappearing from the race in the season.
If they fail to stand up against the Nationals in the upcoming series, it will be tantamount to a collapse, which can be as costly as sealing their fate. Furthermore, it can trigger such a decline which may make it impossible for them to comeback even with
best of performances later on in the season.
Meanwhile, Mets’ manager Terry Collins is conscious of the fact that forthcoming games will require splendours from his players. Furthermore, knowing that they have a weak offence, he calls upon the need to disallow many hits to opponents.
“We can’t keep being four and five and six runs behind trying to catch up,” Terry Collins said. “We don’t have that kind of power. It takes a lot of hits to catch up when you get that far behind.”
Similarly, Collins acknowledges the fact that the Nationals are tougher opposition. Thus, the players have to be impeccable to defeat them, he maintained.
As the series begins, it will be interesting to see which strategy the Mets are going to employ to beat the Nationals.



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