Australia overwhelm Barbarians in their third water polo game: Day three – 2012 Men’s Pan Pacs, Melbourne

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Australia overwhelm Barbarians in their third water polo game: Day three – 2012 Men’s Pan Pacs, Melbourne
Australian team overwhelmed Australia Barbarians in their third water polo game on day three of the 2012 Men’s Pan Pacs at the Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre (MSAC), on Tuesday, January 10, in Melbourne, Australia.
The Australians have proved their dominance by making a clean sweep in all matches and they are now ranked third in the overall rankings. With their commendable efforts, they dictated terms to Barbarians and claimed victory with a phenomenal difference of nine goals. The Australians thrashed their challenger with a 14-5 defeat in their third match.
Both teams produced a head-to-head contest in the first quarter, where the score remained 2-2 at the end of first quarter. The arena was surprised with the passionate effort of Barbarians against the Australian squad.
Nevertheless, the Australians became successful in spoiling the party of their opponents in second quarter. The Australians claimed their supremacy by accomplishing four goals in the second round whereas the Barbarians coped to add only one goal on their side. With the impressive efforts of Australian athletes, the score jumped to 6-3 after the second quarter.
The Australians remained comparatively slower in the following round, where they scored three goals to extend their lead and to strengthen their position. Once again, they did not give much room to their opponents and the Barbarians' squad was able to notch a single goal. The Australian team extended their lead to five goals as the score went to 9-4 after the third quarter.
In the final round, no progress was witnessed from the side of Barbarians while the Australian athletes took advantage of the situation and hit five more goals to add stars to their victory. With their admirable efforts throughout the game, the Australians grabbed a stupendous victory.
Australia’s Sam McGregor was nominated as the leading goal scorer of the match. He scored four goals throughout the game, with one being in the first quarter, two goals in third quarter and fourth in the final round.
The spectators enjoyed tremendous win of Australians in their third game whereas they are arranged to compete with USA in their next game.



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