Brazil defeat China in water polo game: Day four – 2012 Men’s Pan Pacs, Melbourne

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Brazil defeat China in water polo game: Day four – 2012 Men’s Pan Pacs, Melbourne
With their unbelievable performance, Brazilian national team has defeated China in their fourth water polo match on day four of the ongoing 2012 Men’s Pan Pacs at the Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre, on Wednesday, January 11.
After an impressive start in the tournament, where they strangled their opponents in first three matches, the Chinese team is now on the path of losing games. They lost their fourth match from USA and now their fifth from Brazil.
No doubt, the Brazilians have shown their talent by winning their fourth game of the competition that has now placed them at the fifth spot on the overall points table. With their relentless efforts, the Brazilians enjoyed a 12-6 win over China, which has now dropped to third spot due to its second defeat.
Just after the start of the match, Brazil’s Jonas Crivella wasted no time and scored first goal for his team. His effort was followed by team-members, Bernado Rocha and Gustavo Guimaraes, who also scored one goal each in the first quarter. The aggressive efforts of Brazilian players shattered all hopes of Chinese team and they managed to score just one goal in the first round.
Nevertheless, the Chinese tried to fight back in the second quarter and scored three goals. Their effort did not bring any harm to Brazilian team as they accomplished four goals in the same round, leaving the score 7-4 after first half.
With scores on a tight leash, everything was dependant on third quarter of the game. At this instant, Brazil made no slip-up and raised their goal count with a total of four while China coped to score a single goal against its challenger. After the third quarter, the score remained 11-5, with Brazil being inevitably strong for the victory.
The game got slower in final round, where both teams scored just one goal against each other and China lost its second match of the tournament, allowing Brazil to move up on the rankings list.
Furthermore, Brazil is now listed to compete with USA whereas China will play against Australia in their sixth match.



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