How much do you start with on a Discover credit card?

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i put i have excellent credit. i have a job and i pay rent




  1. my 780-  $6600

  2. Discover credit lines start at $1000 plus--depending on income and other info on application.  They don't offer lower credit lines unless you are a student.   ***

  3. My 804, $7500.

    Getting a decent credit line with Discover is nearly impossible.  I've asked for an increase and have been refused.  And I have a $33K credit line with Bank of America.

  4. Whatever they decide to give you.  It is up to them (Discover).

  5. Credit  limits  are  often about  10%  of  your  income .

    Unless  it's  your  first  card ,   then  they  may  start  with  $500   or  something .


  6. You could get $2-3 thousand depending on other financial information

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