Seamus Cahill – one of the hall mark trainers of greyhound racing

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Seamus Cahill – one of the hall mark trainers of greyhound racing
Trainer, Charlie Lister, takes the ace position among all those who train greyhounds for racing. He has won the Derby multiple times, and has conditioned some of the best and most successful racing dogs in the industry. He trained the English Derby winner,
Westmead Hawk, and then his incredibly talented son, Taylors Sky.
Another rising and progressing trainer in the field is, Seamus Cahill. He got his license in 1997 at Catford. In 2001, he moved on to Wimbledon, and Hove in 2008. His in between racing destination was the dream of all trainers track, Walthamstow Stadium.
This was in 2006, and the venue was no longer operational for greyhound racing by August, 2008.
The kennel is highly acknowledged and has been successful at multiple events. In 2003, the team stood fifth in the Trainers Championship. During the same year, the trainees brought back to the kennel many important titles. The Grenwich Cup and Gold Collar
was won by, Shevchenko while, Farloe Browny came back with the prize money of The Champion Hurdle.
The success during 2003 continued with the Tony Morris Derby Week, and then the Consolation Derby that saw Farloe Style deceiving the competition in the field.
The same hound also gained popularity through missing the Select Stakes by a short head’s difference from the winner, Droopys Shearer. The same year saw the kennel making it to the final of the Nottingham Eclipse with Prize Hero.
From there on the kennel went on with a journey that got them acknowledged as one of the most instrumental greyhound training facilities.
Five years down the line, winning some of the most significant races became a norm for the kennel and the team. 2008 took off with a success in the Tony Williams Coronation Cup at Romford that increased the earnings of the kennel by £5,000. The race was
won by, Ronaldos Merit.
Hotdog Jack was unstoppable in the Springbok Final, and 2008 became the first historic year that gave him the tile of the champion trainer and he also walked away with conditioning the Greyhound of the Year, Jimmy Lollie.
He has made some everlasting contributions to the sustenance of the sport.   



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