Anthony Davidson thinks Jenson Button is equally good as Lewis Hamilton – Formula 1 news

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Anthony Davidson thinks Jenson Button is equally good as Lewis Hamilton – Formula 1 news
Former Formula 1 driver, Anthony Davidson believes that McLaren driver Jenson Button has proven himself equally good as his teammate, Lewis Hamilton since 2010 until now.
Button joined the Woking based team couple of years back after winning the world championship title with Brawn GP and almost everyone expected that he would be outclassed by his compatriot. However, the 2009 world champion has performed remarkably well and
has matched the performance of his younger teammate.
Davidson said that he had been amongst those who thought that the 32-year-old won the title with Brawn just because of the car’s competency and would be completely outperformed by the 2008 world champion in McLaren.
“I was not one of those who felt Jenson would be blown away by Lewis,” Davidson told the Express. “After Jenson won the title in 2009 with Brawn some people said it was down to the car so he wanted to go up against Lewis.”
Nevertheless, he said that Button has been just as good as Hamilton in every area of the sport and can be considered as one of the most talented drivers because of his tremendous skills.
“As Lewis leaves, Jenson is a solid equal not just in terms of results and reputation but also the way he has blended with the team,” he added. “Jenson has proved himself to be one of the best drivers in the world, because he has gone up against one of the
best and more than held his own.”
At present, he is standing at 6th position in the drivers’ championship. Besides, he is ahead of Nico Rosberg of Mercedes and is behind his main rival, Mark Webber.
On the other hand, the 27-year-old is at 4th place in the drivers’ rankings. Additionally, he is ahead of Webber and is behind Kimi Raikkonen of Lotus. It will be important to mention that he is going to leave the British team at the conclusion
of this season and has already signed a new contract with the Brackley based team for the next year.
Let’s see how the British drivers perform in the remainder of the season.



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