Valtteri Bottas admits it is ideal to stay with Williams F1 – Formula 1 news

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Valtteri Bottas admits it is ideal to stay with Williams F1 – Formula 1 news
Valtteri Bottas, who is the test driver for Williams F1 team, says it is ideal for him to stay with his current team and hence is not in contact with other teams.
The Williams F1 team despite having a good start to this season has been set back by the poor performances of its drivers, Pastor Maldonado and Bruno Senna. Maldonado was able to win the Spanish Grand Prix for the team while Senna has been under speculation
to keep his seat with the team.
Williams had decided to give Bottas 15 free practice sessions on weekends this season due to which Senna had to sit out the sessions. Bottas has been very impressive in 12 sessions of this season so far while Senna blamed missing them out for his failure
in the season.
Since the current drivers have no deals with the team for next year, Bottas has been hopeful to get a chance. While other teams have also been looking for new driver line up, Bottas is waiting on Williams’ decision.
“Not at the moment, no,” Bottas told ESPNF1 when asked if he had spoken with any other teams. “Because really the ideal would be to stay with Williams and we are still waiting for news about next year from the team, so I hope we don't have to discuss it
with any other teams. I really want to get racing, that's for sure. This year has been quite tough already just watching on whilst they race on Sundays on a race weekend, so definitely need to get racing.”
Although the current drivers have also expressed their determination to bring Williams F1 back on top, Bottas thinks that he can bring good speed to the team and he can develop even more as a driver if he is allowed to gain experience. In his exclusive interview,
he insisted that he has already learnt much from the practice sessions offered to him.
The chief operations engineer for the team, Mark Gillan, has also commended the driver for his pace in the practice sessions. He is also confident about Williams’ progress before the end of this season.



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