Charlie Lister and Seamus Cahill taking greyhound racing to new directions

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Charlie Lister and Seamus Cahill taking greyhound racing to new directions

Two most successful greyhound racing trainers are Charlie Lister and Seamus Cahill. Both have contributed a lot to the sport from breeding some of the phenomenal winners to winning the highest purse races year after year. Charlie Lister of course takes the
lead due to attaching multiple champion titles against his name ranging from trainers championships to getting the OBE.
“I thought it was a wind-up when I got the first letter and I think I chucked it in the bin,” revealed Lister, “but then I got another and realised it was serious”.
"I've had a good year with the finals we've won but I never dreamed I'd get anything like this - it's unbelievable”, he said.
The trainer who has now won six Derbies, has also conditioned Greyhound of the Year. The first one was Westmead Hawk, and the relentless efforts and accomplishments of his son, Taylors Sky, the 2011 Greyhound of the Year is already a hot favourite entry
for the honours this year. It is highly probable that the title of the 2012 Greyhound of the Year will stay with the same hound.
Two category one successes after the sixth Derby made the team, and the kennel highly popular among the greyhound racing circles.
The top dog, Taylors Sky, gained the centrepiece attention due to taking back twelve races out of the seventeen starts. Some of the highlight successes included the Ladbrokes Gold Cup at Monmore and the Primus Telecom Derby at Henlow.
The sponsored Owners of the Year went to Steve and Becki Taylor who won the Scottish Derby at Shawfield with Taylors Cruise, kennel mate of Taylors Sky.
When it came to honouring the most heartwarming newcomers, there came a clash between Taylors Sky and Mill Bling Bling. The award was sponsored by Racing Post.
The second best at training greyhounds is, Seamus Cahill. His under charge, Jimmy Lollie, won the 2010 Greyhound of the Year. Owned by Peter Reed and Steve Gamblin, managed putting up a record of thirty-seven wins at the open level.
The trainer is progressing gradually, and will not take long to match benchmark with the genius of his passion, Charlie Lister.    



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