Seamus Cahill got a leg over Dean Childs at Hove on 29th December

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Seamus Cahill got a leg over Dean Childs at Hove on 29th December 
Out of the twelve heats at Hove on 29th December’s night, trainer Seamus Cahill sent out 11 hounds in all and out of those four were the victors. All his winning hounds were either favourites or joint favourites.
Dean Childs could only claim one heat, the Coral Hove 475 – Duplicated that was won by Malbay Phanter, who was awarded the prize money of £150.
The first open race was the Coral Hove Sprint that was raced over a distance of 285 metres and the £150 prize money was won by Ministry Mayhem, who made it through the racing track in 16.47 seconds. Kelly Findlay was able to gain a point through this
win against Nick Savva.
Seamus Cahill’s Lughill Simon had a dismal race, and at no point he looked threatening as he managed to cover the distance in 16.77 seconds. The heat had no entry from Dean Childs.
The Coral Hove Maiden was won by P Young’s Swabys Olly, who broke from the very first stall and made it to the wire in 29.94 seconds in the 515 metres long race. Yet again there was no entry from Dean Childs, but Seamus Cahill’s trainee, Laughill Ted
finished fourth after racing for 30.28 seconds.
The Coral Hove 475 – Duplicated was won by Seamus Cahill trained Rayvin Bob, who covered the distance in 27.66 seconds and was sent as the 4 to 5 favourite.
The Coral Hove Puppies was run over a distance of 515 metres and had Seamus Cahill’s entry, Lethal Roy, finishing second while Dean Child’s Droopys Stevie was third in line after the winner, Bubbly Ebony, under P Young’s charge.
The next heat that Seamus Cahill won was the Coral Hove Stayers – Duplicated. Skywalkershearer covered the 695 metres in 14.32 seconds. Seamus Cahill also won  the very next heat, the Coral Hove Maiden 475, with, Get On Paris. Get On Paris was sent
off as the 6 to 4 favourite.
Seamus Cahill trained Thurlesbeg Deks, was defeated in the Coral Hove Maiden Stayers as she finished the race fifth.
It was in Coral Hove Hurdle that Seamus Cahill had no entry in, but Dean Childs Baltylum Houndini came third in the 515 metres race. However, that did not account for any point being made.
In the Coral Hove Standard, Seamus Cahill’s entry, Thurlesbeg Bound was third and with Droopys Aretha was second in the Coral Hove Stayers.
The 12th and last heat of the meeting, the Coral Hove Standard – Duplicated again presented Seamus Cahill with an opportunity to earn a point as Guinness Hawk won the race in 30.24 seconds, covering a distance of 515 metres.



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