Frances Heslop crushes Kirsty Mcglynn to bag Women’s Singles title at Scotland Senior Championships

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Frances Heslop crushes Kirsty Mcglynn to bag Women’s Singles title at Scotland Senior Championships
Scotland’s experienced shuttler Frances Heslop lived up to the expectations as she claimed Women’s Singles title after defeating her country-mate Kirsty Mcglynn in the final match at the West of Scotland Senior Championships 2012 at Glasgow, Scotland, on
Sunday, October 21.
The incredible Frances, who was the top seed in Women’s Singles main draw of the tournament, showed a remarkable play in the title contest and remained successful in beating her lower ranked opponent in a decent fashion.
Frances did not take pressure of being the top seed in the final battle as she played with confidence and eventually won the match in straight sets with a dominating margin in just 22 minutes.
The un-seeded Kirsty, on the other hand, failed to put up strong show as she could not control her nerves and committed mistake as the crucial stages in both games and went down to her in-form opponent without winning any set.
In the starting set, the lofty Frances delivered a phenomenal performance on court as she played with dictating control from initial rallies.
The tempo of the rallies was quite fast in opening game and it was Frances who entertained local crowd with her tremendous craft.
Until the mid-game interval, the impressive Frances was leading the game with a comfortable difference on score board.
After the break, Kirsty tried her best to show aggression but failed to take control of rallies and remained trailing behind on score board.
Frances sailed smoothly on court without facing any considerable resistance from her un-seeded challenger and won the opening game with a stunning 21-14 margin on the board.
Things were a little different in the second game when Kirsty also showed a little improvement in her shots and remained close to her higher ranked opponent until the break.
After the one-minute break, Frances remained calm and composed as she did not commit mistakes in the ending points and managed to claim the set with a close margin of 21-19.
Frances emerged as the title winner after thrashing her opponent in straight games with a convincing 21-14 and 21-19 score on the board.



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